"Get out the car skrubb"


Steve is a lovable and mildly relatable criminal. He also has some disorders which makes you feel for him.


He is a stick man with line eyes.


He is a jerk to people who he thinks are annoying, younger or weaker than him. He is Neton-man's friend, because he saved steve. He loves coffee. He mixes chocolate milk, somore creamer, coffee, and some hot chocolate powder.

Strengths and Powers

He can bleed extensively. He is a tad bit OP. He took a shot to the head.

General Info

He is enemy's with Mr. Gallon. He is a serial killer. He dislikes authority and government.

Items Currently In Possession





He actually wasn't made by Chill. He never has hair, so he is very distinguishable.








Other Appearances


Relationships with Other Characters












---Volt-ant Mk.I

---George Bob No-Pants

---Mr. Gallon



Fun Facts

One day steve is driving a stolen car, rode over 40mph, stole it again, went to jail, stole it again, got it stolen from Mr. Gallon, got beaten, sent to jail with Mr. Gallon, got head smashed in toilet, and back for more shenanigans.

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