George Bob is a parody of spongebob. He is a Car Sponge which has grown a fungal brain, and is a fungus, sentient mutant.


He looks like a car sponge with ☀Futuristic Wrap Around Monoblock Shield Sunglasses and has ☀Fomitopsis pinicola on his back.


He is nice and friendly to fellow sponges, fungi, and fungi host. He hates most carbon-based life except sponges, fungi, bacteria, and viruses. He mind-controls simple animals, and tricks humans. He eats all carbon, that he doesn't like and or is dead.

Strengths and Powers

He can create and control electricity. He is psychic and telekinetic. He can channel chi, mana, souls, energy, and aura. He has 10 hearts. He has 3 brains. He is part silicon.

General Info

Items Currently In Possession

(This section is entirely optional.)

---Dog whistle

---Magic Necklace


He is a parody of spongebob, but he is based off a guy from 'the troop'








Other Appearances


Relationships with Other Characters


---Volt-ant Mk.I

---Volt-ant Mk.II



---Sir. Krusty

---Topaz Generic




---Steve A. Guy


Fun Facts

Who lives in a pineapple host, by dragging it, and drowning it, under the sea? GEORGE BOB NO PANTS!!!

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