Classics Wave, has rated PG, younger viewers discretion advised

Classics wave (originals)"When nintendo was the best, Doom was the best thing since TP, and you could go to the movies, and always see a good one. *sigh* the good ol' days."



--Steven A. Guy - Stv Shngns - ChillPolecat83

--Tim - Stv Shngns - ChillPolecat83

--Mr. Gallon - Stv Shngns - ChillPolecat83

--Newton Man - Chill

--Phizz the Physics Breaker - 1nahteoutof2

--The Sun - Stv Shngns - 1nahteoutof2

--MindTwister - 1nahteoutof2

--Section-Man - Advntrs of SctnMn - LoneWander555

--Evil Section-Man - Advntrs of SctnMn - LoneWander555

--King Stone - StnsOrdr (miiverse comic) - ChillPolecat83

--Maul the Moth - ???(sketches, and miiverse) - ChillPolecat83

--Chill - ' '(isn't it obvious)

--Ultimate Chill (if you can't understand, i have feel sorry for you)

-- Chara and Overlord, Senpai, Satanic, Sana-Backpack - Cspol Sd - ChillPolecat83

--Antonio the Crazy Plumber - Cspol Sd - ChillPolecat83

--Marty-chan - Cspol Sd - ChillPolecat83

--Bally the Monk - Cspol Sd - ChillPolecat83

--Emo-Suicidal-Pistol-Blob - Cspol Sd - ChillPolecat83


--Stik-Gun - Stv Shngns - ChillPolecat83

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